Life is a basket of rosy apples...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

I forgot to share this moment from a few months back...

The weather is appalling, rain coming down like stair rods and cold, damp foggy patches in a cold damp sky. So when I found a basket of sunshine I knew it had to go on here. These rather splendid apples came from our smallest apple tree in the orchard. Called Elstar, it really is a star in every sense of the word. It produces masses of beautiful, sweet, highly edible fruit every year. They always look so wonderful on the tree that I am slightly reluctant to harvest them....

I feel life is somehow like a basket of apples. Days are mainly glowing, sweet and rosy with the odd scabby one on occasion! And if we are very very lucky the rotten ones dont turn up very often.

Last notes.... I have completed a Rosalie cowl, a ribby cowl and a beautiful tippet ready for the shop. The tippet is made up of knitted squares of my homespun yarn, every square a different colour from a single dye batch. Its taken me over 2 years of spinning sessions to complete this and the effect is like that of stained glass. I am rather chuffed!!! Ribbons or buttons to close.... not sure yet but I hope to get it in the shop very soon to share!

Must dash x


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  2. yoo.. nice post