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End of another year is nigh…

Gosh… Can you believe it? 13th December and very soon Christmas! Less than 3 weeks and the year will end and a new one will begin. I love New Year. Its my favourite time I think, and I know, I say this to you all every year!
May it bring good fortune to all those who need it to x
workshop news…
Ive had to make a decision (I dont like making decisions) and close the made to order shoes for a little while. Fairysteps is too successful for my own good! I am so grateful to my wonderful customers for this. But, if there is one thing Ive learned in the last 13 years of shoemaking, its to be careful not to exhaust the passion and energy that Ive been granted and to take a short break when needed. We have been here before…
Once again, its time for a break. I will re-assess after a month to see how things are going.
As before all new stock will be showcased both here and on the facebook page, as well as updates of work in progress on the table. The shop is painfully empty of footwear stock at present, but once these current orders are completed we can set about remedying that!
I look forward to a change :)
fairysteps land…
Have you made your Christmas cake yet? Please say no, or I shall feel even worse! Must get it made tomorrow. Mr Fairysteps popped up the outside fairy lights on the front porch which look beautiful. Infact, its all looking very sparkly here in Fairysteps Land and I feel very happy, even my nose is glowing (but thats because Im permanently freezing).
All the family will be home for Christmas so its going to be extra special being together. And… with new Year looming, plans have been hatched and next year will bring all sorts of exciting things, including piglets, as Mr Fairysteps is missing his farming in the woods. Time to restock…
Merry Christmas preparations everyone x

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