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A late birthday in the woods...

We had so much fun, albeit a few weeks later than normal. Middlest made the long journey home (back from College) to have a very late birthday party with the family. Daddy laid a huge fire, which I must say… was a tad scary when it burst into life! I feared for my two Morris Minors in the shed behind… had visions of charred remains and all that… but all was well, the sparks flew to the heavens and she settled to a happy glow…

And we all watched and glowed alongside…

Including Littlest who resembled a golden angel here…

And my darling Mouse beamed amidst the spoiling and the love…

Best chocolate fudge cake Ive ever made! Its getting harder to get all the candles on as they get older!

Happy Birthday my darling x We miss you so much x

Mr Fairysteps and Master Fairysteps looked very ‘blokey’ in the back of Wander.

Jack wasnt really interested in anything other than the fact that the newly installed woodburner in the van seemed to have a really nice little pile of sticks under it. Perfect opportunity to chew and keep warm. Humans are useful sometimes…

In conclusion: We all ate far too much, and, Mr Fairysteps homemade mulled cider probably / definitely had far too much rum in it (thank you Mouse… he didnt need encouraging). A night to remember.

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