shop shoes

shop shoes



Workshop nearly there...

What a job Ive had!!!
This is when it was actually looking a bit tidier, so you can imagine...
Mr Fairysteps and myself made a thousand trips with rolls of leather and boxes of bits... 
I havent finished yet... 
But I have so much work that needs doing I have had to leave it at this stage... 
Useable... but no where near finished... I only managed to clear about one quarter of the shelves that span one wall. I will get to them all though at some stage and then I can fill them with more stock...
Having a 9 foot long table for cutting is going to be a treat indeed! 
Reggie has moved to the sunshine so sewing through the summer is going to be a treat... 
Spring sunshine flooded through the french doors and reminded me why I need to try this room again. I briefly moved in here 2 years ago, but only made a half hearted attempt at moving in. I found it very difficult having leather in one place, tools in another and so I retreated back to my attic...
So actually moving all the little bits will make all the difference... 
I can snatch borrowed moments now... 
Plus I love the colour I painted these shelves! 
Good to have my tools around me... 
Heres my view now... 
The evening sun is stunning in here and it highlights the fact that I have far too much leather in stock!  
I think I will tackle a shelf a week inbetween batches of shoes. My stock is dwindling though so I do need to concentrate on making for a while! Ive kept my old workshop as a special room for glueing and soling and extra storage, but all of my making, cutting, packing orders, designing and admin work will all take place here. And when the sun calls very loudly I shall escape outside to my garden with a tray of tea!

Hope everyones week is going well!
Ren x


  1. Its going to be wonderful! Love looking at your rolls of leather and piles and piles of yarn! I think I'd be in heaven if I ever visited fairystep land :)
    I am currently using my dining room as my work area. It is completely impractical as there is no storage for my stuff (which then ends up everywhere), the kids regurarly tip out all my stuff and we can't easily use the table for eating without me clearing it first. But it's early days for my business, when we can see how sucessful it is going to be we can make decisions about a work area!

  2. Beautiful work space! I am drooling over that 9 ft table! :) You are a wonderful artist & I love your shoes!!!! Have a great day :) Michele

  3. looking very organised! you should add these images to


  4. You're amazing Ren. Do you ever stop? No. I'll answer that one for you! ;) xx

  5. I have to admit, I do love seeing pics of your lovely home and garden, there's such a beautiful cosy feeling of 'home' there...and I definitely covet that big table! Good for you on the 'move', it looks like it will be a lovely place to work!

    :) Christina

  6. You are so blessed! Just a note, some of the writing on your blog is disappearing into the margin on the left hand side and so is not visible- unless it's just my computer!

  7. Wow Ren! What an amazing place to work. I've been moving studio space too and it makes a big difference to have it organised around you. I predict many shoes trotting out very soon :D