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Amelie for Littlest...

Remember the pretty berry red AMELIE cardigan I was designing back here...
Well Littlest spotted it and that was that so to speak!
After talkings of "feeling frozen in bed reading in the mornings... etc," I had to down hook, search out new wool and start a new beginning all over again.
I chose Pure Merino DK again because its so silky soft, and a pretty shade called 'Oyster'. I chained just 42 plus 3 chains to count as the first treble and I was off...
I measured Littlest across both arms and shoulder which is about a yard in length. So then it was just a case of using my Mrs Cratchett stitch pattern and working a long strip to that length. Here it all is nicely folded up!
Then using 3.5mm needles I picked up a stitch all across the cast off edge. Here is the 2 x 2 rib all finished ready for casting off... I love the gathered effect this has created. Its just as I saw it in my minds eye...
Step two will be finishing the other cuff and partially sewing up the strip to form the sleeves. Then the real fun can begin with my hook as I make the body of the cardigan. I see ruffled edges and vintage buttons and even a bit of cotton lace in there...

Last words: Ive cut and cut till I can cut no more today! BUT am glad to say that a huge amount of bespoke orders are now ready to sew. Also masses of leathergoods will be sewn alongside. It probably seems strange that I dont make one thing at a time but, (and this is difficult to explain why) it just never works like that!

So expect all sorts of treats and treasures coming very soon!

Ren x

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