shop shoes

shop shoes



The north wind will blow and we shall have snow...

The last few days at home in pictures of whiteness...
Steps have disappeared from view...
The garden is full of white mist...
Getting past the yard without coming under attack is proving impossible...
How many layers can you put on?
Our drive looks so pretty...

The blue Noble firs which flank the top side of the drive were laden...
The boots and I went and stood halfway up the drive to look down to the lane beyond...
It was misty and cold and silent...
Daddy went sledging on feed sacks with Littlest. Eldest was building a bird table in his shed and Middlest walked 6 miles (round trip) to the nearest town to collect a bottle of milk!

I havent managed to do my last Christmas shop for food but the larder is full anyway. It always is in the Winter... Im a bit of a food hoarder! Most of the presents never came and they certainly won't now! We never made the trip to Oxford to my cousins family which we were all so looking forward to and its debatable if we will make it tommorow to out past Chagford to the farmer who we buy our free range turkey from each year...

But we shall have a wonderful time and Ive saved 6 parsnips for the Christmas dinner and the last of the carrots... Mr Fairysteps will head up over the fields and get some fodder Kale that was planted for the cows winter feed and we can have that as greens, I have enough cashew nuts to make my special nut loaf for the vegetarians in the family. We have a huge feed sack of teddies (potatoes) so no shortage of roasted teddies and Ive half a sack of onions so together with my half sack of flour I can make sage and onion stuffing and plenty of bread... If only everyone this Christmas was so lucky across the world... Im grateful and sad all at the same time.

A few days off for the Fairy Shoemaker! Ive popped on a few bespoke listings for orders to make after Christmas but apart from that Im finished up for the year and looking forward to every moment to come...

Wishing you all health and happiness, love and laughter...
Ren x


  1. Merry Christmas Ren and Fairyfamily xx!

    I would love to try your cashew loaf if you get a minute to send me that recipe next year. Thanks Ren!

    Your posts of country side pictures reminds me that I should share more about our country. It is really fun to see what people call home.

    Best wishes. A. xx

  2. Merry Christmas Ren. Thanks for the wonderful blog.

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas, Ren with your lovely family. Most of our snow has gone in Sussex but still enough to please my youngest son whose birthday is today. I am so happy to have discovered your lovely blog. Karen X

  4. Have a wonderful christmas all. If only everyone could be so content with the way of things. Loving your winter wonderland, our snow is not nearly as deep. x ruthie

  5. Wonderful photos, Ren, I'm very jealous...I've only ever seen snow up close once in my life, so a White Christmas is a long-held and unlikely to ever be fulfilled dream. But wherever we are in the world, it is truly a good time to remember how lucky we are, and to count our blessings (as my granny always used to say). Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Beautiful photos. I especially loved your drive, magical, and the fir trees. :)

  7. Ren, i am late to the party, reading old blogs...but your posts just strike me at how different life is depending on where you live. Your Christmas sounds so "full" even though you wouldn't be able to get out to get presents, traditional foods etc...for some folks in America...especially the cities, we are so spoiled... if we didn't have all the parties and the dazzle the world would just seem to end. Sometimes I long for a more simple and content life. Sounds like the holidays were awesome. I adore your work...and wish you much creativity in the future.