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Glimpses into the Fairysteps workshop...

Above is where the Fairy Shoemaker sits stitching treasures with Reginald Pfaff...
Here is the before picture of my front workroom... I havent been able to get to Singeon Singer my zig zagger for at least 4 days... since work on the new shelves began. My Son (who starts college on his carpentry course on Monday...) entered my domain complete with tools, and chaos descended... To say that I have spent the morning cleaning is an enormous under statement of the mammoth task that laid before me...
Heres a little before and after picture of the same wall. Before shelves... and after shelves. It took rather a long time to fill them up and then to stand, horrified in the knowledge that I had'nt stuffed half as much as I had hoped to on their woody goodness...
It feels good to have stock etc sorted into a semblance of organisation... Note new clotted cream mannequin from Corset Laced Mannequins. I had hoped to paint this entire room white ready for the winter. Time, or rather the lack of it has beaten me though. Its going to be white and bright up here though next Spring. Ideal for photographing new stock on relentless rainy days.
The new shelves meant I was able to tidy up the accessories stock shelves too.
My pattern corner was also tidied and the floor cleared of leather. Still havent painted that door behind though...
Shoe patterns were tidied neatly... all in a row...
Leather samples were gathered...
My overflow pile of leather below my cutting table was cleared to a new spot and all was swept clean...
My workbench even looks more inviting...
The buff stitching is halfway there after a late night amidst the mess...
And so I can continue to sit on Postman Pat and work my magic... Looking at this picture though it dawns on me that my workroom looks like a family of Borrowers have set up business in a dolls house...
Hope you liked the tour...

Ren x


  1. Everything looks so neat and organized now, Ren--what a cozy workspace! I like your new blog background, too :)


  2. I did like the tour! Thanks so much Ren for showing us around :o) What a useful son he's going to be learning carpentry! I'm starting a pottery course on monday, maybe not quite so useful...hmmm...not sure yet!xx

  3. I did like the tour, thanks Ren!
    I just finished finding the floor of my own workspace and sat down to rest and read my beloved feels good to find place for all my new Fall yarns and you are organizing too I see! :)
    p.s. I ordered the yarn I need to get back to my ...blanket...cough... ;)I see you made another one...! hugs A. xx

  4. What a lovely tour, It's fascinating to see where you work and create, your so well organised...

  5. What we really need now is smellablog so we can enjoy the aroma of cut leather...uummmm

  6. I've so enjoyed the tour of your workshop and it's very inspiring. It must be the time of year to get things in order before Winter sets in.

    I'm currently teaching myself to crochet and will have a go at your love blanket soon. I like the idea of filling my evenings with crocheting and it seems quicker than knitting. I hope so as I'm not a terribly good knitter!!!

  7. Ren thats such a cosy workshop!! You must really love to work there. You are Sooo Blessed! ox