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shop shoes



More Wristy Wild Wooder cuffs...

Oodles more have gone into the shop today...
Some are two tone...
Some are plain... and I should have said, larger because I think maybe there may be some Woodzie males out there who would like these.
I have also made a note on the listings if these are for left or right arms...
I found a nice rag tag on the Lapiz EcoTan leather...
Anything made in Mulberry nubuck is going to be special!
Thank you everyone for feedback on the label question. I think I was probably right to pop one on. I think the placing will be OK because it will be hidden under the wrist. Its the only place for it to sit discretely. I hate clothing labels as they irritate my skin, so stitching on the inside of a cuff isnt an option. Having it at the edge again may cause irritation. Having it held in place under the leaf detracts from the decoration... wheres a girl to put her label!! Anyway, enough waffling, hopefully its okay where it is!

Im having a rainy day in the workshop with pea and broad bean  podding inbetween bouts of sewing... Jolly glad I picked yesterday afternoon because its hammering down now!

Ren x

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