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NEW STOCK! Daphne in EcoTan Marmite...

DAPHNE a wild wood version...
I saw her, hiding at the edge of the skin...
Shes a 'pop under your arm' type of bag...
Its the first time I have sewed with the new EcoTan leathers. They cut like junket and sew like cream...
I like it sooooo much that Ive copied the front flap shape so that I can replicate it.
That BIG fairysteps leather button cleverly hides the antiqued magnetic closure. Its partner is directly underneath the one on the flap...
Ive added two interior pockets. One for a mobile and another for... maybe another 2 mobiles? Who on earth would need 3 mobiles? Keys and glasses case maybe!
You all obviously want her for yourselves, so without further ado heres the link to where she sits in the Fairysteps shop

Last notes:
The suggestions form has been working a treat! Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in a suggestion! I have no way of knowing who you all are as the email addresses are all sent via my web server and are anonymous. So thank you!

I am currently working on my booked JULY shoe orders and hope to have these completed within the next 2 weeks. Then its straight onto August orders to clear the last of the bespoke orders. Major with a capital M stock production can then take place. Cant wait! Mental note to self: MUST position a fire extinguisher next to sewing machine incase sparks cause a fire...

Lots of requests for pouches in woodland colours and with ragtag fronts. Several requests for JINKY pouches. Ive only ever made one in purple and pink but I think the style ticked boxes for many. Ive cut lots of new pouches in browns and greens including the new EcoTan leather.

Its Midsummers day today. Its quite beautiful out there. And do you know, it was exactly 1 year ago today that I saw the first pair of the Fairy shoes collection in my head... does'nt time fly. Ive been making shoes for 8 years now... hundreds and hundreds of pairs...

Watch out for new stock soon!

Ren x


  1. I love it! And the shoes in the last post. Just when I thought your stuff couldn't get any nicer..

  2. This is a gorgeous bag...I love the color and patina of the leather, and the button detailing. You're a genius!
    Happy Solstice!
    Stella xx