Operation Cupboard completed and china finds...

Tuesday, 23 February 2010
The cupboard is complete and looking very vintagey green and lovely. Ive decided I am going to put my cd player on top so that Doris Day can sing to me while I wash up....
A few cupboard treasures... trouble is Ive got so many cupboards and so many treasures..... talking of which...
A rather fine Staffordshire pottery cup and saucer complete with a very interesting peacock design. I love the colours, deep burgandy and that special green again. The cup is in perfect condition and is HUGE....
An Alfred Meakin sugar bowl in Marigold design. The picture doesnt quite show how wonderfully vibrant these colours are. Both treasures purchased from the dump yesterday for the grand sum of £2. I also managed to buy an incredibly old copy of Through the looking glass hoping they will inspire the new bespoke Alice shoes I am going to design soon.

Last notes:
1. The opticians ended with me having to choose full time glasses. I decided against bi-focals and am having 2 pairs instead. My close work ones and then I will have my full time ones. Its going to very odd wearing them all the time. I hate choosing things and found the whole episode a bit daunting.... there were about half a million different styles to choose from.... Ive opted for simple, classic, dark brown and rather petite frames. With my hair up Im going to look like a 1950's school teacher..... yikes....

2. Chocolate cardigan going well. Ive got 10,000 stitches on long needles for the front bands. 5 rows of knitting to go and stitch on the buttons, sew up the side and arm seams and Im done!


  1. Your house always looks so gorgeous :)

  2. Love the green cupboard, looks great!
    1950s school teacher is a good look! x

  3. The trouble with choosing frames, is that you can't actually SEE what they look like and if they suit you or not...then you are likely to be at the mercy of the assistant, who may want to sell you something that is too expensive for your budget. It's like a mine field out there, nerve racking stuff! Sue.

  4. Cupboard looks great (I DO like green!) and lovely treasures...did someone really throw those out?! I'm wearing my el cheapo chemist's $10 magnifying glasses as we speak (um, type). :)

  5. I used to have a problem with painting over wood but you've given this a whole new lease of life! I've used that same colour on a chair, it's so pretty isn't it? I'm having to get used to reading glasses, my problem is I keep losing them. I know what you mean about having to choose. The ones I have are very stylish and purple but very uncomfortable. Next time it's comfort all the way!xx

  6. wow , your house and little green cupboard dresser is gorgeous. I lovd starring at the jars atop. x

  7. Was a bit unsure about you painting over oak, but it looks fab! Try website www.wantglasses.co.uk for bargain glasses. I was unsure, but gave them all my measurements and the glasses fit perfectly all for £18!

  8. I adore that green...I think my family room is close to that shade actually...My hubby has to stop me from painting everything green...in summer it really is a bit much with all the grass and all the green paint...I love it though! Your dishes are superb! happy happy home...A. xx

  9. I have two pairs of glasses and I have just about got used to them now. Im only 30 and it does make me feel rather old.

    So my reading glasses are a rather small funky purple and my usual everyday ones are a black framed geek ones which I have had for a few years and I love.