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shop shoes



Fennel heads, tiddlywinks tea shop and thunder boxes...

The garden is covered in fennel heads, all in various stages of going to seed. I am smitten....

Tiniest tiddlywink 'cleaned' up her outside tea shop (a corner in the orchard under a plum tree) yesterday. Everything was washed to within an inch of its life and her flowers grown from seeds that she bought after last Christmas were proudly displayed for the customers to admire....
I usually buy chocolate mud cake with mint garnish when I visit....
Last days of Summer are drawing ever nearer...

Mr Fairysteps is going great guns on the 'Thunder box' (outside Loo). We have wanted one for soooo long. His bodging tools have been out in full force for the job and its coming along nicely. It will mean that when we stay out late either up in the garden bath or just sitting to watch the stars by the embers of the fire, or even sleeping in Bendigo when he's been built, that there will be no running back to the house for the toilet!

We can sit in there and watch the chickens!

Last notes

  • I will be working all week, like a crazed woman.... except for Monday morning when I will be at my best friends drinking obscene amounts of tea.... and talking till I'm hoarse.

  • There should be piles of leather goods going in the shop this week if I can plough on with it all. I know there has been lots of wool bits of late so I shall redress the balance. Ive got lots of fairy shoes to make too.

  • Im not touching a runner bean all week!

  • Housework is being abandoned.

  • I am quarantining myself in my workshop with BBC Radio 7, a packet of Nairns oatcakes, a big tea pot, Reggie (my big old industrial sewing machine) and about 100 rolls of leather.... In short Im going to heaven...

Tiddlywinks all away all week, hence manic work catching up. I shall have to keep busy or the silence will drive me mad (er).

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